we are founded on the simple yet powerful principle that users deserve the highest quality applications regardless of platform. our goal is to create solutions that not only make the technology work but also make the technology work for our customers.

we are engineers to the core who are viewed as experts in our field. yet, we are also constantly learning and applying knowledge through innovation to stay at the forefronts of technology. by working in small, close-knit teams, 42SIX engineers mentor each other and ensure the personal growth of all team members. with our innate curiosity, we explore the frontiers of technology because we know that pioneering is the only way to advance. we understand that the user and the visual experience are critical to the success of our applications, so we painstakingly engineer all of our applications to provide our users with the optimal experience.

as engineers, we follow an interface-driven development (IDD) process with an emphasis on results. furthermore, we utilize agile methodologies, which allow us to react to new requirements in real-time and bring solutions to our customers in months instead of years. finally, we believe that the last 20% of the project is just as important as the first 80% because we know that the home stretch is the difference between a demo and operational impact.