processing and analyzing data is the core the of our company. cloud computing allows us to consolidate structured, semi-structure and unstructured data onto a single shared platform. our data analysis solutions combine advanced graph theory, parallel processing algorithms and domain expertise with the human analysts’ workflow to create a final product that is much more than a search engine.

we believe visual perception is key to the success or failure of a user facing application. every solution we build starts with the experience of our users and how they interact with the product's features. interface-driven development increases user acceptance and clarifies the systems requirements for the engineer. this allows for rapid development that meets the needs our customers with fewer development hours.

we are living in a mobile world where users require access to data whether connected or not. our mobile solutions extend enterprise applications by providing the same functionality and data in an experience optimized for a mobile device whether tablet or handset. in addition, efficient data synchronization keeps the mobile user operating in stride with the enterprise while minimizing data requests to improve performance.



while we are not tied to a single technology, our experience in engineering applications has led us to standardize how we build our apps:

whether the interface is user facing or system facing, system design starts here. for a user facing interface, we immerse ourselves in the users mission to understand their requirements and then design wireframes and mock-ups to ensure the final product exceeds the users expectations.

we maintain an agile stance throughout the lifecycle of an application which has allowed us to flex on the evolution of priorities.


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